Recycled PET laptop sleeve review

Here’s another example of a green star review. You can see more examples posted on the home page and also collected together here. Like all our example reviews, it’s not an endorsement or ad for the product and we receive no revenue from this site.

The product is a felt laptop sleeve made from recycled PET (the dense plastic used to make drink bottles, known as #2 plastic in recycling parlance). In this case, I only focused on the environmental impact of the materials used to make the product and didn’t look at social issues such as factory conditions. This is acceptable since we often only look at one or two aspects of the product quality and price when deciding on a rating. It will balance out in the end since the average rating will represent multiple points of view. (That is, when we reach a point where green stars become officially recognized and formally instated.)

EasyAcc 13.3 inch recycled laptop sleeve

Ratings: **** (4/5 Gold stars) / ***** (5/5 Green stars)

EasyAcc 13.3 inch Macbook Pro felt laptop sleeve 2You can see the original (longer) review as posted on Amazon here.

This review contains some technical information on materials commonly used to make laptop sleeves (PET, neoprene, and EVA foam). You don’t have to look at aspects of a product that you’re not comfortable evaluating – everyone can pitch in with their own area of interest or expertise. Having said that, in the most cases there are straightforward explanations of technical topics available on the internet (Wikipedia is often a helpful starting point). Personally I think it’s worth the effort – I feel more comfortable knowing something about the materials and ingredients that go into the products I use, and the possible risks involved.

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