Green Star Reviews from the Garden Island

I’ve been posting quite a few product reviews over the last two years. At first I posted them only on, partly because it’s an obvious place to start (as the largest internet retailer and major resource for product reviews) and partly because it provides a good means of tracking progress. People vote on Amazon … Continue reading Green Star Reviews from the Garden Island

Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Here’s another example of how to incorporate both gold star and green star ratings (you can see more examples here). Converse shoes can be recycled Often, while researching a product to write a review, I’ll come across new information that may change my behavior in some way. In this case, I wasn’t aware of the … Continue reading Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Nestlé Kit Kat Matcha Review

Here’s another review that serves as an example of how to incorporate both gold star and green star ratings (you can see more examples here). In this case the product is made by one of the largest corporations on the planet, which provides some challenges when it comes to evaluating the product and company (more … Continue reading Nestlé Kit Kat Matcha Review

Guide to this site

An overview of how the Green Stars Project idea works. Individuals write reviews for products or services and include a rating for social and environmental impact on a scale of 1-5 greens stars, Reviews can be posted on any stie.

This site is the main home and information source for the Green Stars Project. The main role of this site is to increase awareness of ethical consumerism issues so that we can eliminate corporate practices that are detrimental to our planet and society. The goal is to encourage you, dear reader, to include a green … Continue reading Guide to this site

Recycled PET laptop sleeve review

Here’s another example of a green star review. You can see more examples posted on the home page and also collected together here. Like all our example reviews, it’s not an endorsement or ad for the product and we receive no revenue from this site. The product is a felt laptop sleeve made from recycled … Continue reading Recycled PET laptop sleeve review