The Green Stars Project is all about ethical consumerism – it’s a rating system for social and environmental impact. The goal of the Green Stars Project is to make ethical consumerism democratic and accessible to all. It’s essentially a grassroots activism movement to address corporate misbehavior, recognize ethical businesses, and deal with our social and environmental problems through individual action.

Green Stars: Democratic Ethical Ratings

A rating of 2.5 out of 5 Green Stars, denoting social and environmental impact. A new rating scale for ethical consumerism.

Ethical consumerism is one of the most important actions that we can take to make this world a better place. From inequality to climate change, we face some serious social and environmental challenges. The rise of political systems that embrace corporate hegemony and erode societal and environmental protections has not helped our situation.

Many of our problems, from habitat destruction to modern slavery, are rooted in corporate misbehavior. The only dependable way to make corporations responsible is via their bottom lines of sales and profit. Ethical consumerism is the only way to make that happen. Below, you’ll find recent posts and a few articles to help you get started.

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A picture of a toothpaste tube, annotated to suggest that 80% of the toothpaste is used in 4 weeks but the remaining 20% lasts for 4 months

What is ethical consumerism?

To me, ethical consumerism is a pretty self-explanatory term and I think that most people have a good idea of what it means. But it’s worthwhile to take a fresh look at the concept from time to time and address any misconceptions that crop up. So here’s a quick guide to ethical consumerism from the … Continue reading What is ethical consumerism?

An overview of how the Green Stars Project idea works. Individuals write reviews for products or services and include a rating for social and environmental impact on a scale of 1-5 greens stars, Reviews can be posted on any stie.

What is a green star rating?

This site is the main home and information source for the Green Stars Project. The main role of this site is to increase awareness of ethical consumerism issues so that we can eliminate corporate practices that are detrimental to our planet and society. The goal is to encourage you, dear reader, to include a green … Continue reading What is a green star rating?

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