Guide to this site

An overview of how the Green Stars Project idea works. Individuals write reviews for products or services and include a rating for social and environmental impact on a scale of 1-5 greens stars, Reviews can be posted on any stie.

This site is the main home and information source for the Green Stars Project. The main role of this site is to increase awareness of ethical consumerism issues so that we can eliminate corporate practices that are detrimental to our planet and society. The goal is to encourage you, dear reader, to include a green … Continue reading Guide to this site

Daily Footprint, #31 – Beyond Meat

A package of plant-based sausages from Beyond Meat

Hi Folks! In a return to the Daily Footprint posts, I’m going to spend some time looking at plant-based meat substitutes. They are definitely catching on: last year, in the US, sales of meat rose by 2% while sales of plant-based meat-substitutes rose by 24% (and sales rose even faster than that in Europe). Over … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #31 – Beyond Meat

How to decide on an ethical rating: Cafés

Scorecard showing how to compute an ethical rating for Starbucks.

A common issue that people raise is that they are not sure where to start when it comes to writing an ethical review. Perhaps you would like to join in, but the process of deciding on an ethical rating seems overwhelming? Well, look no further, because informing this process is one of the main priorities … Continue reading How to decide on an ethical rating: Cafés

Green Stars Ethical Review Competition: Results and Reboot

Avalon Organics Brilliant Balance night cream

You probably know that I run recurring competitions to encourage you to write ethical consumerism reviews online. I’m happy to announce the winners for this month and also to start the clock on a new round (winners will be announced in mid-April ). Please consider entering! Congrats to this month’s two winners: Amanda and Nicole! … Continue reading Green Stars Ethical Review Competition: Results and Reboot

The Problem with Loop

A cartoon showing the process of ordering items from Loop online, receiving them in a reusable tote package, then returning the package to Loop for cleaning and refilling to be shipped to another customer.

Tom Szaky, founder of Terracycle, is about to launch a new enterprise called Loop that aims to tackle the problem of packaging waste by delivering products in reusable containers. How important is packaging in ethics? Packaging is usually one of the factors to consider when deciding on an ethical (Green Stars) rating for a product. … Continue reading The Problem with Loop

Competition: write an ethical review online

On the left, heading text of "write a review" over images of 1 to 5 green stars. On the right, heading text of "Win a WWF gift / donation" over an image of assorted World Wildlife Fund gifts.

The primary mission of the Green Stars Project is to encourage you, dear reader, to consider the ethical impact of your purchases. The best way to do this, and to have an impact on others at the same time, is to rate the product or business with a score for social and environmental impact. Reviews … Continue reading Competition: write an ethical review online

Ethical Consumerism, Part 10 – Green Stars rating criteria

Ethical consumerism Green Stars ratings for peanut butter cups, cheese puffs, and laundry detergent

Greetings! In the next post, I’ll run another competition to encourage you, dear readers, to write a Green Stars review, so please stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I want to take another look at the ethical consumerism criteria that can go into a Green Stars rating. Evaluating the ethics of a product or … Continue reading Ethical Consumerism, Part 10 – Green Stars rating criteria

A New Beginning

The Marin headlands and coast, seen from the side of Mount Tamalpais

The world has changed. I see it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air. J. R. R. Tolkien’s words could well describe our current situation. A darkness grows, the divide between light and dark is more apparent than ever, and there is a call to action for … Continue reading A New Beginning