Guide to this site

This site is the main home and information source for the Green Stars Project. The goal of the project is to encourage you, the reader, to consider the social and environmental impact of the products and services you use by rating them on a scale of 1 to 5 green stars. The reviews should be … Continue reading Guide to this site

Competition Results and Repeat

Hi folks! I know that this blog sometimes deals with complex issues and technical information, but I hope I don't put anyone off with this. (In fact, please comment on this!) I’ve summarized issues (for example, palm oil) to provide a primer and help inform your reviews (and mine too). But you don’t need to … Continue reading Competition Results and Repeat

The Muggle and the Big Ugly Pile of Discarded Coffee Cups

Starbucks recently announced that they are making $10 million in grants available to people with proposals for coffee cups that are compostable and recyclable. So it seems timely to do a post on this dreaded topic. Throughout development, the solution will be open source so others can benefit and innovate on the path towards the … Continue reading The Muggle and the Big Ugly Pile of Discarded Coffee Cups

Ethical Consumerism, Part 4: Mindfulness

Fruit and vegetables with no bags, on a conveyor belt at a supermarket checkout.

Greetings! After 17 months of something pretty close to freedom, I returned to work recently and have had less time for blogging and interacting [insert appropriate emoji to convey my precise emotional response to this. Editor: there isn’t one! System Failure! LOLZ πŸ˜› ]. Being back at work also provides another challenge: how to find … Continue reading Ethical Consumerism, Part 4: Mindfulness

Your Turn – Competition Results, and Repeat!

Greetings, people! Is it just me or is everyone incredibly freaking busy since the year started? In any case, I’m a little late on this post to announce the winners of the last competition to write a Green Stars Review. Of course, life is not a competition and we’re all winners – just wanted to … Continue reading Your Turn – Competition Results, and Repeat!

Survey – What’s the Most Ethical Laptop?

Kitten sits on laptop keyboard and touches screen with paw.

In my last post, I covered two major brands of laptop – Apple and ASUS. I probably got a little overheated when discussing Apple and deviated from my normal detached scientific voice πŸ˜‰ So I figured that it would be good idea to ask for your input by having a quick survey on laptop brands. … Continue reading Survey – What’s the Most Ethical Laptop?

Daily Footprint, #28 – Laptop

My goodness, it has been a long time since the last Daily Footprint post – November!Β  Who can even remember November in this dizzyingly accelerating society? And where were we on this epic voyage through a typical day? Last we’d heard, our protagonist with no name (Suggestions welcome! Leopold Prufrock? Kathryn Earhart?) whiled away the … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #28 – Laptop

Your Turn!

If you’re a regular on this site you probably noticed that I like to encourage you to practice ethical consumerism. I think it’s not only the best way to improve conditions on this planet of ours but can also be a surprisingly transformative practice. I find it to be transformative in a way that's similar … Continue reading Your Turn!