Ethical Consumerism, Part 3: The Corporation

In part 1 of this series of posts on the topic of Ethical Consumerism I mentioned the story of how Henry Ford was blocked from doing good things because of the structure of the Ford Motor Company. Well, here it is: In 1916, Henry Ford was paying workers generous wages and had cut the price … Continue reading Ethical Consumerism, Part 3: The Corporation

Daily Footprint, #25 – Ethical Investing

You’ve reached that mid-afternoon slump in your typical day at the office and are trying to come up with something to do that doesn't involve completely skiving off. Then the idea comes to you – check your retirement funds! Few things cheers you up more than thinking about financial freedom, and it also qualifies as … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #25 – Ethical Investing

Green Star Reviews from the Garden Island

I’ve been posting quite a few product reviews over the last two years. At first I posted them only on, partly because it’s an obvious place to start (as the largest internet retailer and major resource for product reviews) and partly because it provides a good means of tracking progress. People vote on Amazon … Continue reading Green Star Reviews from the Garden Island

Sociopathy and Kindness (part one)

Happy Earth Day! I’ve read two books recently that provide some interesting insights into human behavior so I thought I’d attempt to interpret their relevance to modern commerce and consumerism. Specifically, I think it’s important to understand the psychological interplay between the decision-makers in companies that harm the planet and society, and the consumers who … Continue reading Sociopathy and Kindness (part one)

Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Here’s another example of how to incorporate both gold star and green star ratings (you can see more examples here). Converse shoes can be recycled Often, while researching a product to write a review, I’ll come across new information that may change my behavior in some way. In this case, I wasn’t aware of the … Continue reading Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Introduction to the Green Stars Project

Welcome! To begin with, here's a quick introduction to the site, which is all about a new idea called the Green Stars Project. The project is the result of years of pondering the following question: How can we best address the issue of corporate power? Specifically, how can we effectively mitigate the social injustices and … Continue reading Introduction to the Green Stars Project