Top 10 Ethical Chocolate Brands

Top Ten Ethical Chocolate Brands. Logos for the top 10 ethical chocolate brands are shown. The list may change after user votes but initial brands are: Alter Eco, Equal Exchange, Theo, Endangered Species, Plamil, Tcho, Divine, Seed and Bean, Tony's Chocolonely, Beyond Good.

Here’s a guide to the top 10 ethical chocolate brands. It’s different to other guides in that it will change with your input – vote now! This is an exercise in user-generated ratings for ethical consumerism.

The carbon footprint of Christmas

The carbon footprint of Christmas, graph from How Bad Are Bananas. The graph shows his estimates for the carbon footprint of Christmas (per person) in three scenarios: low-, average- and high-waste. The carbon footprints are 0, 0.3, and 1.5 tonnes of CO2, respectively.

As COP27 wraps up and we get closer to welcoming 2023, it seems appropriate to talk about the carbon footprint of Christmas. I think that most of us would actually like to not destroy the planet and yet seem to forget about what’s really important during the holiday season (Christmas in particular).

Dairy vs vegan butters in Europe

Supermarket shelves are dominated by two kinds of butter: conventional dairy-based butter or plant-based vegan butter made from palm oil. Vegan butters are more sustainable than dairy butter, but ideally should be palm-oil free. I found two that I like.

Coronavirus may be our best chance to save the planet.

A civet (the animal that transmitted the SARS virus to humans) looking out from a tree on the left. On the right is a pangolin (the animal originally thought to have transmitted the virus that causes COVID-19 to humans) being released from a cage into the wild.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably approaching burn out on Coronavirus articles by now. Well, prepare yourself for more, from COVID-19’s impact on the economy to fluffy social media posts about how we are changing the way we work and live (Look how my hair has changed after two months of isolation! ). But … Continue reading Coronavirus may be our best chance to save the planet.

Are low-carb diets good for you? Sustainability and health benefits of carbs

Are low-carb diets good for you? A photo of various varieties of potatoes in crates.

Continuing on the theme of ethical consumerism and health, I’m going to take a look at the sustainability and health benefits of carbohydrates, and especially on the question of whether low-carb diets are good for you. But there’s a lot of material to cover, so I’m going to first look at scientific studies on low-carb … Continue reading Are low-carb diets good for you? Sustainability and health benefits of carbs

Daily Footprint, #7 –Home Appliances – How to calculate your carbon footprint

When purchasing (and reviewing) appliances it’s useful to know how much energy they consume: it may help you decide between different products and also give you an idea of whether energy efficiency is an important factor relative to other criteria.