New ethical consumerism site

Dearest readers, I want to share a link to my other site, Ethical Bargains, and encourage you to subscribe to it.

Like the Green Stars Project, it deals with the social and environmental of products that we might buy.

Many of the items I cover are plant-based foods that I’ve purchased at the Grocery Outlet so it’s geared towards people on a budget who want to switch to a plant-based diet and also help reduce food waste. These two changes would go a long way towards mitigating climate change and habitat/biodiversity loss. It also serves as an exploration of the Food Tech industry – specifically new developments in plant-based foods.

Like the Green Stars Project, it generates no revenue – no ads or sponsored posts – so that it can remain independent.

Here a small selection of the products that I’ve featured on Ethical Bargains:

Please support it by subscribing!

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