Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s coffee has launched a menu of plant-based items this month – about five vegan savory and sweet items are on offer, along with some new vegan coffee drinks. It’s probably the biggest effort to encourage plant-based diets that I’ve seen from a coffee chain in the US, so I wanted to celebrate that. Also, after recent posts on Ukraine and the latest IPPC climate report I just wanted to post something quick and cheerful 🙂

Last year, I evaluated the social and environmental impact of Peet’s Coffee and gave it a respectable score of 3.5 out of 5 Green Stars. Now that Peet’s have introduced this plant-based menu, I’m bumping the score up to 4 Green Stars. For comparison, I think Starbucks ranks at a mediocre 2.5 Green Stars and that hasn’t changed since a couple of years ago. Starbucks doesn’t have any vegan items on the hot menu – they brought out an Impossible burger sandwich, but decided to pair it with regular cheese and egg rather than making it fully plant-based.

If anything, Starbucks has slipped in terms of environmental impact during lockdown – some branches still don’t allow customers to use their own mugs, so the waste footprint has increased significantly. Covid is not transmissible by touching objects, to any significant extent, folks! Anyway, here’s a quick guide to the Peet’s plant-based food menu:

Peet’s plant-based menu items

Peet’s has three sweet items on the plant-based menu for northern California. These items vary by region as they are supplied by local bakers.

  1. Guittard Chocolate Brownie
  2. Blueberry Ginger Scone
  3. Morning Glory Muffin

The brownie has been on the menu for quite a while – I appreciate that the chocolate is from Guittard – a pretty ethical supplier of baking chocolate. The other two items are new and I think they are easily as good as any of the baked items that I’ve tried at Peet’s (except perhaps for the twice-baked almond croissant!). The scone has a nice ginger kick and a texture that’s indistinguishable from the regular scones. The morning glory muffin is probably my favorite – the seeds and grated carrot and coconut make it more nutritious and I think it’s better than the regular muffins that are made with dairy. However, I should point out that the scone is impressively low in sugar, for a baked item – only 8 grams per 92 g scone.  

Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee. The image shows three plant-based baked items available at Peet's Coffee locations in Northern California. They are a Guittard Chocolate Brownie, a Blueberry Ginger Scone, and a Morning Glory Muffin
Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee – baked items

There are two savory items on the plant-based menu:

  1. Everything Plant-Based Sandwich
  2. Mediterranean Flatbread

The Everything Plant-Based Sandwich had just come out when I wrote the last post on Peet’s social and environmental impact. It’s a sausage patty from Beyond Meat, combined with JUST vegan egg and vegan cheddar. The Mediterranean Flatbread is described as JUST vegan egg and Violife vegan cheese top a savory blend of pesto, kale, tomatoes, and tangy bell peppers inside a crispy lavash.

I’ve been trying quite a few JUST products recently (sous-vide egg bites and vegan mayo) so I’m going to write a post on them over on Ethical Bargains soon.

I like both of these items – the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich is my favorite of the two – and it’s just good to be able to get a guilt-free savory item when out and about.

Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee. The image shows the Peet's Coffee logo and a graphic showing a rating of 4/5 Green Stars for soicial and environmental impact. Below that are the two savory items on the Peet's Coffee plant-based menu: the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich, and the Mediterranean Flatbread
Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee – savory items

Anyway, it’s good to see a major coffee chain taking a risk and doing something for climate change and the stresses on our food systems and habitats. Seek out and request plant-based items in your local coffee shops. VegOut magazine has a list of the ten best vegan coffee shops in the US, while PETA ranks the major coffee chains for vegan food and drink options.

9 thoughts on “Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee

  1. That’s very exciting! Unfortunately we don’t have Peet’s here. 😦

    Also, just wanted to note that you wrote “compassion” instead of “comparison” in your second paragraph when talking about the Green Stars review you gave Starbucks. 😉


      1. I’ve seen more and more plant based options popping up (like a new sandwich place that opened within the last year has marinated tofu as an option – you wouldn’t have seen that offered a few years ago!) But we’ve also got some excellent local plant-based restaurants. My favourite, Bonobos, has the best burgers (and I believe they are vegan!) They’re super popular with pretty much everyone, no matter their diet preferences.


  2. Thank You for another awesome review! It’s so important, especially now, that we all be informed of how we can individually contribute with our personal choices.


  3. Starbucks food looks gross to me. I live in central PA and don’t know of any Pete’s around to check out the menu — although I do have a bag of Pete’s coffee in my freezer — so looks like a trip to Seattle is in order to check out your analysis, James. ;0)


      1. Oh, wow, I didn’t realize it started in San Fran! I thought Seattle for sure since there were so many Pete’s there. Learn something every day. 😁


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