Califia Protein Oat Milk

The previous post looked at the carbon footprint of plant-based milk, focusing on a recent paper from researchers at the University of California. The main conclusion of that post was that plant-based milks tend to have similar carbon footprints, and that they are all a lot lower than the footprint of cow’s milk. The research also shone a light on how much processing and packaging contributes to the footprint of the final, packaged milk.

I mentioned that there’s more to determining sustainability than just the carbon footprint. So I’m going to direct you to a post on my new site (please subscribe to it if you find it helpful!) that takes a broad look at a newer vegan milk product from Califia Farms: Protein Oat Milk.

10 thoughts on “Califia Protein Oat Milk

  1. Thanks for a thorough review. I happened to b drinking this as I read it. One thing that I liked about this product, is that it did not have any unsuspected sugar added, as I find often.


  2. Subscribed to the new site. SO wonderfully helpful – everything you do. Special request to put Earth Balance butters on your radar? You’ve likely a hundred things on your list, but, when you can, would be appreciated. Once again, here’s to a fab new year! At this point, I’ll be glad if we make it the 20th! 😉


    1. Hey Frances. Good suggestion – I’ve been meaning to look into them a bit more as I used to buy their vegan butter. It would also be an opportunity to look at Conagra, which seems to be Earth Balance’s current parent company. Well, we’re half-way to the 20th, but not without drama…


  3. Excellent idea for a website! 👏 I am so glad I found you! I’m currently working on a website which brings together food, drink and cosmetic products from around the world that contain RSPO sustainable palm oil, as well as those on the naughty list that contain unsustainable palm oil, in order to let the consumer make an accurate assessment in the supermarket. So when that comes out….let’s think about ways we can help promote each other. Hope to have the website done in the next few weeks 🙏🥳


    1. Thank you! Perhaps we can discuss your site over email? A site that lists products or companies based on palm oil sourcing would be a great resource. One thing to bear in mind though is that RSPO membership is not a terribly useful measure of sustainability – unfortunately the RSPO has weak standards and poor enforcement of those standards. Take a look at this post that looks at palm oil sustainability and certifications:
      Happy to discuss this more 🙂


  4. Agree there is quite a bit of packaging when it comes to putting milk on shelves. I’ve noticed Califia tends to have more sturdier packaging compared to the other milks at my local grocery – which may or may not be a bad thing. I agree with Becky. I like the taste of oat milk but prefer almond milk as it has lower calories.


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