Super-short post today just to thank everyone for reading the recent political posts here on the GSP – and to Ryan for contributing most of the last post.

Cars have been honking and people cheering all day here in Berkeley since the election result was announced, and there’s a general feeling of optimism and elation.

We now have a fighting chance to address the social and environmental issues that have been looming and only growing larger over the last four years.

I don’t really enjoy researching politics as it’s often such as dirty fight. So, to lighten my mood I started a new website here on WordPress that’s all about ethical consumerism on a budget. Posts will mostly focus on rating items that I found at the Grocery Outlet that I feel are more sustainable and have a positive social impact. I’ll still continue to post here on the GSP and the new site, Ethical Bargains, will involve lighter, more casual posts. I’ll explain more in a future post, but for now I’m going to celebrate today 🙂 Please check it out if you get a chance:

architecture art clouds landmark
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