Top 10 Ethical Chocolate Brands

Top Ten Ethical Chocolate Brands. Logos for the top 10 ethical chocolate brands are shown. The list may change after user votes but initial brands are: Alter Eco, Equal Exchange, Theo, Endangered Species, Plamil, Tcho, Divine, Seed and Bean, Tony's Chocolonely, Beyond Good.

Here’s a guide to the top 10 ethical chocolate brands. It’s different to other guides in that it will change with your input – vote now! This is an exercise in user-generated ratings for ethical consumerism.

User-generated ratings for ethical consumerism

User-generated ratings for ethical consumerism. The image text reads: User-generated content in the form of Crowdsourced ratings for Ethical consumerism

I’m reluctant to create an ethical consumerism guide based only on my own opinion – it would be incomplete. We need a good, reliable guide that relies on user-generated content. The experiment starts next week!

Win a subscription to Ethical Consumer

Win a subscription to Ethical Consumer. The image shows detail from a table from Ethical Consumer Magazine. The table ranks clothing brands from best to worst. The top 5 brands shown are Patagonia Organic, Patagonia, American Apparel, H&M Conscious, and ASOS organic.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is write a review of any product or business that includes an ethical rating. The winner gets a subscription to Ethical Consumer for one year. Ethical Consumer, a UK-based nonprofit, is probably the best resource on all things related to ethical consumption.

Ethical Consumerism, Part 5: Why we need User-Generated Ratings.

5 gold stars on top of 5 green stars

I think it’s worth writing a post to explain why I took the direction of user-generated ratings with the Green Stars Project. There’s a pretty good chance that you take advantage of user-generated content on a regular basis. Perhaps you were just looking up the difference between herons and cranes on Wikipedia, and then went … Continue reading Ethical Consumerism, Part 5: Why we need User-Generated Ratings.