Ethical Consumerism, Part 4: Mindfulness

Fruit and vegetables with no bags, on a conveyor belt at a supermarket checkout.

Greetings! After 17 months of something pretty close to freedom, I returned to work recently and have had less time for blogging and interacting [insert appropriate emoji to convey my precise emotional response to this. Editor: there isn’t one! System Failure! LOLZ 😛 ]. Being back at work also provides another challenge: how to find … Continue reading Ethical Consumerism, Part 4: Mindfulness

Your Turn!

If you’re a regular on this site you probably noticed that I like to encourage you to practice ethical consumerism. I think it’s not only the best way to improve conditions on this planet of ours but can also be a surprisingly transformative practice. I find it to be transformative in a way that's similar … Continue reading Your Turn!