Ethical Consumer contest winner!

I’m happy to announce the latest winner of the Green Stars Project /Ethical Consumer contest – it’s your local friendly poet and blogger, Willow Croft! She wins a one-year subscription to Ethical Consumer, the highly-regarded guide to all your ethical dilemmas, as a consumer. The competition runs on a continual basis, so please join in anytime – here are some guidelines.

Daily Footprint, #22 – Potato Chips, Part 2: Packaging

Apparently it became all the rage in mid-19th century Saratoga Springs, NY, to carry your potato chips around the spa town, munching along the way. (See part 1 for the dubious origin story.) As restaurants and vendors began selling potato chips around the world they often packaged them in waxed paper bags. Modern bags are … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #22 – Potato Chips, Part 2: Packaging

Daily Footprint, #9 – Cell Phone (ethical mobile phones)

A reasonable place to start is to look at existing ethical consumerism guides and see how different phones rank. The figure below compares phone rankings