Truth, revisited.

I just finished watching Merchants of Doubt and will have to spend the rest of the day trying to channel my frustration into something positive. It’s a great documentary (based on a book by Naomi Oreskes) that investigates the industry-sponsored practice of quashing research or movements that are inconvenient to them. The title refers to … Continue reading Truth, revisited.

Daily Footprint, #7 –Home Appliances – How to calculate your carbon footprint

When purchasing (and reviewing) appliances it’s useful to know how much energy they consume: it may help you decide between different products and also give you an idea of whether energy efficiency is an important factor relative to other criteria.

Daily Footprint, #6 – Clothing (Sustainable Textiles, Part 1)

Time to get dressed! Clothing is a huge topic so I’ll just go into one aspect here – choice of textile. Hopefully I’ll go into the other main topics in future posts: the human impact of cut and sew factories and the environmental impact of dyeing and finishing. Since clothing is one of our major … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #6 – Clothing (Sustainable Textiles, Part 1)