Daily Footprint, #25 – Ethical Investing

You’ve reached that mid-afternoon slump in your typical day at the office and are trying to come up with something to do that doesn't involve completely skiving off. Then the idea comes to you – check your retirement funds! Few things cheers you up more than thinking about financial freedom, and it also qualifies as … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #25 – Ethical Investing

Daily Footprint, #24 – Sustainable Water Filter

I got a request from S., author of A Misplaced Pen blog, to cover this topic (thanks for the suggestion!). I don't use a water filter at the moment, partly to reduce waste and partly because (like Mulder) I want to believe. In my case, I want to believe that safe water is provided for … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #24 – Sustainable Water Filter

Daily Footprint, #23 – Lunch Break!

Or... More on How to Review Small a Business (California by Train, Part 3). Since I’m charting the impact of our voyage through a typical day it seems like we’re definitely overdue for lunch by now (although we’ve been snacking so much that I’m not sure we deserve any). A previous post dealt with how … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #23 – Lunch Break!

Daily Footprint, #22 – Potato Chips, Part 2: Packaging

Apparently it became all the rage in mid-19th century Saratoga Springs, NY, to carry your potato chips around the spa town, munching along the way. (See part 1 for the dubious origin story.) As restaurants and vendors began selling potato chips around the world they often packaged them in waxed paper bags. Modern bags are … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #22 – Potato Chips, Part 2: Packaging

Daily Footprint, #22 – Potato Chips

It’s good to get back to the Daily Footprint, charting the impact of our epic voyage through a typical day. You’ve just had a stressful meeting at work with lots of Important People (even Mr. McDougall senior showed up!) and you really feel the need for some comfort food. You know you shouldn’t (especially since … Continue reading Daily Footprint, #22 – Potato Chips

Competition Time – Write a Green Stars Review.

Howdy! I’m looking forward to writing some new Daily Impact posts soon, but this week I want to run a competition. I’m planning to do it on a regular basis if it goes well. I’m not expecting many entries, so if you do decide to enter I’d say your chance of winning is pretty high … Continue reading Competition Time – Write a Green Stars Review.

Going Public!

A few days ago, I came across a National Geographic competition called Chasing Genius. You can submit ideas for Sustainability, Global Health, or Feeding 9 Billion. I decided to enter in the Sustainability category – it requires only a few paragraphs of descriptive text and a one-minute video. I had it on my to-do list … Continue reading Going Public!