Nestlé continues to bottle water in California during the worst drought on record. Many of you are well aware of this, so I won’t go into too much detail – you can catch up on it here. Rather than a session of hand-wringing and frustration I want to understand the company’s perspective on the situation … Continue reading Water

Attack of the Microbeads!!

It turns out that certain companies have been putting little plastic beads into products such as toothpastes and exfoliating scrubs. These “microbeads” are made from polyethylene, the same kind of plastic that’s used to make most beverage bottles. Why on earth would they do this, you might ask? In the case of scrubs they are … Continue reading Attack of the Microbeads!!

Sociopathy and Kindness (part two)

In part one, I took a look at Martha Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door which examines the prevalence of sociopaths who, unhampered by consciences, may rise to positions of power at the expense of others. Milgram’s experiments on obedience together with studies on the psychology of killing during warfare show that most of us will … Continue reading Sociopathy and Kindness (part two)

Sociopathy and Kindness (part one)

Happy Earth Day! I’ve read two books recently that provide some interesting insights into human behavior so I thought I’d attempt to interpret their relevance to modern commerce and consumerism. Specifically, I think it’s important to understand the psychological interplay between the decision-makers in companies that harm the planet and society, and the consumers who … Continue reading Sociopathy and Kindness (part one)

Introduction to the Green Stars Project

Welcome! To begin with, here's a quick introduction to the site, which is all about a new idea called the Green Stars Project. The project is the result of years of pondering the following question: How can we best address the issue of corporate power? Specifically, how can we effectively mitigate the social injustices and … Continue reading Introduction to the Green Stars Project