Ethical Consumer contest winner!

I’m happy to announce the latest winner of the Green Stars Project /Ethical Consumer contest – it’s your local friendly poet and blogger, Willow Croft! She wins a one-year subscription to Ethical Consumer, the highly-regarded guide to all your ethical dilemmas, as a consumer. The competition runs on a continual basis, so please join in anytime – here are some guidelines.

Wake Up! Extreme heat will worsen

Temperature in London reached 40°C (104°F) for the first time ever; Ireland set a 135-year heat record; fires burn across Europe; one third of Americans are under heat advisories; this will get worse; the way to prevent it is known.

Dairy vs vegan butters in Europe

Supermarket shelves are dominated by two kinds of butter: conventional dairy-based butter or plant-based vegan butter made from palm oil. Vegan butters are more sustainable than dairy butter, but ideally should be palm-oil free. I found two that I like.

The ethical issues with dairy farming

Still undecided whether to choose dairy or vegan butter? Using cow’s milk as an example, here’s a list of the three most basic ethical issues with dairy farming. Solutions are also explored.

Butter and vegan alternatives in Ireland

herd of white and black cows on grass field

Whenever I come home to Ireland I have the dilemma of which kind of butter to buy: conventional dairy-based butter or plant-based vegan butter. In California, the choice is pretty straightforward – it’s now fairly easy to find good-quality, ethical and affordable vegan butters. In Ireland, however, the choice is not so clear, as I’ll explain over the next couple of posts. Or at least it wasn’t a clear choice at first…

Last word from the IPPC before things really heat up

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group 3 (wg3) released its sixth assessment report (AR6) at the end of March, 2022. This post will summarize that report, which is likely to be the last major report from the IPCC before we all start melting like popsicles.

Blackstone’s investment in Oatly

Blackstone Group bought a 10% stake in Oatly, back in 2020, and this incited a lot of talk of boycotting @Oatly products. Should we not be supportive that @Blackstone took steps in the right direction? Or do we want them to be “bad” forever?

Plant-based menu at Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee launched a plant-based menu this month – about five vegan savory and sweet items are on offer, plus new vegan coffee drinks. It’s probably the biggest effort to encourage plant-based diets that I’ve seen from a coffee chain in the US.

IPCC AR6 wg2 report summary

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group 2 (wg2) released its sixth assessment report (AR6) at the end of February. Here are some key points from the Summary for Policymakers and the Technical Summary.

Energy sanctions against Russia

The US should impose energy sanctions against Russia. Reduced Russian oil imports may lead to an increase in prices, but this is long overdue and provides the best incentive to transition to renewable energy. This post outlines some ways you can help.