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Case study in palm oil ethics: Earth Balance

Earth Balance is one of the oldest vegan alternatives to butter and it’s made mainly from palm oil. Ownership of the Earth Balance brand has changed hands several times over the last decade or two – it’s now owned by Conagra Brands. Ethics of the brand has also shifted over the years. At one point Earth Balance was connected to the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) and seemed to be on the verge of making a positive impact on palm oil industry. Things have changed and now, under Conagra Brands, Earth Balance suffers from all-too-common palm oil sourcing issues.

The first post in this series provided a broad overview of the main palm oil certifications. Then I took a look at a (rare) example of a palm oil product that I believe is worth supporting – Nutiva shortening, certified by Palm Done Right. This post (published on Ethical Bargains) takes a look at Earth Balance and why it should be avoided. Continue reading about Earth Balance palm oil sourcing.

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