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Impossible Burger – how would you rate it?

A pack of Impossible Burgers - version 2.0 from Impossible Foods - is shown with an ethical score underneath of 3/5 Green Stars, representing social and environmental impact.

On my new site, Ethical Bargains, I wrote a review of Impossible Burgers that I bought at the Grocery Outlet. Take a look if you’re interested and please comment to share your opinion on a Green Stars rating for the Impossible Burger. You could look at the product in two very different ways:

A. The Impossible Burger is one of the most meat-like burgers developed to date, providing an important incentive for meat-eaters to change their habits and combat climate change.


B. This Impossible Burger 2.0 is basically industrially-farmed soy and sunflower (treated with glyphosate and neonics) wrapped in a lot of plastic.

If we want to be fair (which is the goal of this project!) we need to consider both perspectives. I know plenty of scientists who think that industrial farming is not a negative thing. Because it’s such a complex topic, I plan to do a few posts in the near future here on the GSP that will aim to objectively dissect the research and arguments on the topic of industrial versus organic agriculture. The Impossible Burger stands at an interesting junction in this debate.

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