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Califia Protein Oat Milk

Califia Protein Oat Milk - a bottle of the protein oat milk from Califia Farms is shown.

The previous post looked at the carbon footprint of plant-based milk, focusing on a recent paper from researchers at the University of California. The main conclusion of that post was that plant-based milks tend to have similar carbon footprints, and that they are all a lot lower than the footprint of cow’s milk. The research also shone a light on how much processing and packaging contributes to the footprint of the final, packaged milk.

I mentioned that there’s more to determining sustainability than just the carbon footprint. So I’m going to direct you to a post on my new site (please subscribe to it if you find it helpful!) that takes a broad look at a newer vegan milk product from Califia Farms: Protein Oat Milk.

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