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Your Turn!

If you’re a regular on this site you probably noticed that I like to encourage you to practice ethical consumerism. I think it’s not only the best way to improve conditions on this planet of ours but can also be a surprisingly transformative practice. I find it to be transformative in a way that’s similar to the Buddhist meditation practice of metta bhavana (the development of loving kindness).

This month, I’m going to provide another incentive to consider the impact of one of your purchases (a product, a meal, a hotel, a cup of coffee, anything at all). Rate it on a scale of 1 -5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact and post a review on any public site (e.g., Yelp or TripAdvisor for a business or any retail website for a product). You don’t have to consider every angle – just whatever is important to you. Also, it doesn’t have to be long or Pulitzer-worthy. Just get started!

Send me a link to your review as a comment below (or by email, if you prefer: jmskrb at gmail dot com).

I’ll pick two reviews (or maybe more if there are several good entries) to feature in a blog post around Feb 19th. (I can also keep your review private if you prefer.)

If selected, you will receive a gift from the World Wildlife Catalog – I will donate $55 to the WWF and they will send you a gift of your choice – it’s a win-win for the reviewer and the WWF 😉

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