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Going Public!

A few days ago, I came across a National Geographic competition called Chasing Genius. You can submit ideas for Sustainability, Global Health, or Feeding 9 Billion. I decided to enter in the Sustainability category – it requires only a few paragraphs of descriptive text and a one-minute video. I had it on my to-do list for a few days (i.e., procrastinated) and then I wrote a rough script and made some PowerPoint slides. Next, I made a few trial videos while showing these slides on a laptop in front of the camera. Very amateurish, I know, but it was already stressing me out a lot to make a video that would be public and I didn’t want to have to learn video editing techniques to add to my stress.

In retrospect, I probably should have learned video editing, because by today I wasn’t happy with any version and I really just wanted to get the video over with. (It made me really appreciate actors’ skills.) When I give PowerPoint presentations I’m used to being able to waffle and basically make it up as I go along (with, of course, a rough plan for what I want to say) – I just click for the next slide and then comment on the image! But with a time limit of 60 seconds it was pretty hard to explain the concept of the Green Stars Project while showing slides. So, in the end I just talked – no slides – although I did have an illustrative oil painting in the background. Haha – how old-school can you get? (The painting was for a GSP logo.)

Anyhoo, I figured that since I’m submitting it to National Geographic, I should show it here too – because you mean more to me, dear readers, than any competition 🙂 And I uploaded it to YouTube too, while I was at it. Comments disabled on YouTube, of course – I’m not a total masochist! So, without further ado (that was more than enough ado already) – here it is:

PS: If you’re tempted to submit an entry for Chasing Genius, get going because the deadline is today!

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