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Starbucks Social and Environmental Impact – Poll Results

Helloooo! Last month I took a look at the social and environmental impact of Starbucks and included a poll for you to chime in.

Thank you for taking the time to vote; here are the results so far:

Average rating for Starbucks social and environmental impact: 2.3 Green Stars.

(Even if you were to ignore the 1-star votes, the average rating would still be a pretty poor 3 out of 5).

Next step: ethical consumerism activism.

So, what I generally do after I’ve looked into the impact of a product or service is to write a review.

For services, I normally post each review on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Maps, and the company’s Facebook page.

According to Yelp, over 160,000 people see my reviews each year. So reviews are actually a pretty good medium for delivering a message. The reviews will influence other readers and some of them may relay the message in their own review. And so it goes…

As well as delivering a very visible message to other consumers you will often get the company’s direct attention by affecting their all-important online ratings.

Imagine, dear readers, how many people would be reached if even just a few of you wrote a green-star review of your local Starbucks. Imagine!

So what would the review look like? First a few tips:

Pointers for writing an ethical review.

  1. Be respectful. Particularly when reviewing a small business.
  2. Be balanced. Readers (and business-owners) will be much less receptive if you exaggerate or are too one-sided.
  3. Stick to facts. Quote numbers and sources whenever possible.
  4. Be as concise as possible. Also, bullet-points are useful to increase readability.

Green Stars review of Starbucks.

I’m going to write an example review. You’re welcome to use it (if you agree with it) or modify it according to what’s most important to you. Refer to last month’s post on Starbucks if you need some food for thought.

The general format that I’m using is:

  1. Headline that includes your green-star rating.
  2. First paragraph that covers quality, value, and experience (this is the basis for your traditional rating).
  3. Second paragraph (or list of points) that covers the reasoning behind your green star rating.

For this review, I think I’ll go with a list of pros and cons, since Starbucks (to me) has both positives and negatives.

Here goes:

Friendly staff and great outdoor seating area (2/5 green stars)

I like this branch of Starbucks mainly because of the outdoor seating area that overlooks the canal. Staff members are always friendly and there’s usually plenty of free seating. <In the case of Starbucks I don’t think you need to write a lot in the first paragraph.>

I’m also giving Starbucks 2/5 “green stars” for social and environmental impact, based on the following pros and cons:



That’s it!

Please write a review of your local Starbucks if you get a chance. Again, modify this template as needed and give whatever green-star rating you think is appropriate.

Also, note that a few of the points are region-specific (e.g., whether the food in pastry cases is for consumption or display – it appears to be the former in Ireland and the latter in the US).

Ciao for now 🙂

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